An overview of who we are and details of the Operations team

Andrew Cooper

Strategic Director


Andrew Cooper helped found CSWP and is also Professor of Social Work at the Tavistock Centre in London. He has written and researched extensively on relationship based social work and some of his papers can be found on this website. As strategic director of CfSWP I aim to oversee, monitor and shape the wider development of the Centre and initiate ideas for new lines of work and influence – all in discussion with others. I also have responsibility for building up CfSWP’s more public ‘voice’  and will be blogging regularly, but also co-ordinating our response to current issues and events, and policy consultations.  I am very happy to hear from members of CfSWP, and from anyone interested in how we might extend and evolve our activities and ‘reach’. So do contact me about current issues, ideas for new activities, or to give feedback on CfSWP and its place in the world of social work and social care.

Robyn Kemp



Robyn is a UK qualified social worker with a deeply held interest in and passion for improving the experiences and life chances of people using social services across the country through a strongly ethical approach that is rooted in theory. Her three decades of experience have been gained working largely with children and families (specialising in children and young people in and on the edge of care), and as an educationalist. Robyn has held a variety of management positions and has developed and delivered lectures, training, conference speeches, workshops and organisational consultancy on children’s social care for the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors.

Robyn is particularly interested in an approach to social work practice and education that deeply respects and values the humanity of everyone involved, and to raising the profile of those affected by and working within the social work and social care sectors. She has a strong interest in social work education and practice across the world, and in the value and potential of social pedagogy for UK social work education and practice; Robyn holds the first UK Masters degree in social pedagogy. She has consulted on a variety of central government initiatives and policy areas and have a few publications on contemporary social work practice issues.

Robyn is humbled, honoured and delighted to take up the post of Director of the Centre for Social Work practice and looks forward to supporting and developing a wider understanding and practice of relationship based reflective practice in collaboration and dialogue with the charity’s trustees and members.

Lian Vanstone

Office Manager


Lian has a very long history of administration experience in the Public Sector and during her time spent 4 years working as a PA for the Director and Service Manager of Nursing & CAMHS, before working alongside a very well established Clinical Team in CAMHS as a Team Administrator.

Her role is 1 day a week and works within membership, finance, website and running the day to day office duties.  Lian has been with the centre since September 2012.

If you would like to become a member, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Suzie Stephens

National Programmes Lead

I have worked in local government for over 30 years, in children’s homes, developing my resilience, based on true and open feedback from the young people alongside very robust team working, developing relationships to help ‘make sense’ of behaviours.

After completing my social work degree, I became a workforce development commissioner, deliverer and quality assurance manager within a large local authority. I completed an MA/AA in Social Work Education, then undertook Organisational Consultancy training at the Tavistock drawing together systemic and psychoanalytic approaches to practice.

I have been a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer for almost 10 years for a number of Universities in the Eastern Region on social work, social care and Post Graduate courses.

In the Regional Events Coordinator role I will be supporting Regional Group Coordinators to arrange, host and facilitate events and seminars to engage people in their local areas, providing activities in line with their interests. I aim to recruit new coordinators and develop helpful materials to assist, with guidelines to help timely and cost effective planning and delivery. I will ensure events are publicized and information is kept up to date. I aim to encourage and help people to become involved with the CfSWP and it’s various forums of information exchange. I intend to visit the regions and attend events wherever possible to help the cross pollination of ideas and good practice. I also aim to seek and listen to feedback and ideas of what would be helpful, and act on these.