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Emotion: New Psychosocial Perspectives.

Review posted January 01, 2009


By Shelley Day Sclater, David W. Jones, Heather Price and Candida Yates, Palgrave Macmillan (Editors)

A uniquely psychosocial take on emotion, this collection of specially commissioned essays from leading scholars draws on sociology, psychology, media and cultural studies, and psychoanalysis to explore the emotional undercurrents of everyday phenomena. Topics covered include war reporting, popular culture, advertising, education, criminality, public policy, political speeches and motherhood.

The book presents a new interdisciplinary perspective on emotion based on pioneering research and original theory, with an integrative approach, linking theory, method and practice. It is driven not by old disciplinary boundaries but by a concern to offer new perspectives on emotion that capture both the subjective and the objective dimensions of human experience.

Authoritative and scholarly, the book is written in an engaging way making it accessible to a diverse range of readers. A substantive Introduction by the Editors places the essays in context and guides the reader to the main themes and issues discussed by each contributor.

The book is crucial reading for those who want to learn or to teach psychosocially.

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