Introducing Social Pedagogy: Collaborating with Individuals & Communities

Social Pedagogy is part of a Northern European hermeneutic tradition that seeks to involve individuals in the process of change as part of communities. At the heart of this approach is the use of holistic learning and relationships. In the UK its strengths based approach is increasingly being used to address solutions across the life course. This has resulted in the establishment of the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (SPPA) and development of occupational and practice standards. The event is bringing together leading figures from academic and practice settings. It provides an opportunity for participants from the social care, health, community and education sectors to share learning about the philosophy of Social Pedagogy and how its key concepts can be applied in the process of change. Kieron Hatton, author of Social Pedagogy in the UK: theory and practice will provide an introduction to the philosophy and discuss its impact. This will be complemented by a series of workshops: Robyn Kemp, Director of the Centre for Social Work Practice: Relationship based theories Anthony Moorcroft, Social Pedagogy Development Network (SPDN): Diamond Model as an approach to wellbeing Professor Pat Petrie, SPPA: Creativity within practice Jameel Hadi, University of Salford will share developments and ideas for engaging students in collaboration with learning and communities. This will conclude with a panel, chaired by Dr Joanne Westwood with the opportunity for questions and discussion. Click here to book your free place through Eventbrite or copy and paste the link below:

Social Work Home Visiting: Relationships, Reasoning and Reflection

Unfortunately the one day conference at UEA with the Centre for Research on Children & Families that was scheduled for June 9th has been postponed.  As soon as the new date is booked we will advertise the event. We are really sorry, but we will hold the event later in the year.

Working effectively with fathers during the perinatal period

Speakers: Paul Ramchandani, Professor of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Imperial College, London. Hilary Kennedy, Educational Psychologist. Kevin Ball, Perinatal Psychotherapist. Joanna Tucker, Parent-Infant Psychotherapist. Richard Fletcher PhD, Associate Professor. Sebastian Kraemer, Honorary Consultant and Raquib Ibrahim, Evaluation Officer for Mellow Parenting.  

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