The Emotional Politics of Child Protection

The Emotional Politics of Child Protection

Andrew Cooper will be chairing the Tavistock Policy Seminars connecting public policy and human relationships with Speakers Dr Sharon Shoesmith and Dr Jo Warner.

What are the emotional demands of the child protection task, and how do we understand the powerful social forces unleashed in our society in response to some child deaths? What happens when these forces become a matter of politics and policy and assume life and death significance for politicians, policy makers – and social workers themselves?

Joanne Warner and Sharon Shoesmith have recently published important books examining these themes. In this seminar they will discuss their research, scholarship and lived experience of these processes.  

Seminars begin at 6.00 pm with a short break for refreshments at 6.45 after which the seminar resumes with an open dialogue and ends with brief commentaries from the speakers. 

These seminars are free but please book a place through: Simone Silverstein, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA 020 8938 2317

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