A new group is about to be formed in Scotland hosted by Edinburgh and Dundee Universities with their first event in Edinburgh on December 7th 2015 to generate awareness and interest in the formation of a Scottish group.

If you would like to explore ideas in advance of this event please contact Ruth Forbes (Edinburgh) or Richard Ingram (Dundee).


Edinburgh: Ruth Forbes -
Dundee: Richard Ingram -

The University of Edinburgh
University of Dundee

The North

A new group is about to be formed in the Leeds area in partnership with NSCAP with their first event on December 18th 2015 when Jane Herd will speak to raise awareness across the north of the country and generate interest for the formation of a group.

If you would like to explore ideas in advance of this event please contact Nick Waggett who is hosting the first event.


Nick Waggett -
Dr Jadwiga Leigh -

NHS Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychology
University of Sheffield

The Midlands

Until recently we have had a regional coordinator based at Nottingham University, hosting and coordinating events. We don’t currently have a local lead but we are keen to re-establish and build on the work undertaken to date, developing networks and promoting relationship based practice in the area.

If you are interested in forming a small group to undertake the regional coordination role or are keen to be the regional lead, please get in contact to discuss possible ideas further.

East Anglia

The East Anglian group has host sites in Suffolk, Cambridge, Norfolk and Essex.

Each university hosts events, both seminars and conferences and there will be either conferences or seminars each term across the region. There are plans for a conference in the spring, and seminar events throughout the region.

If you would like to help out or learn more about any of the group events please contact Laura Cook (UEA), Sue Hollinrake or Heidi Dix (UoS), Sue Taplin (ARU) or Stephen Jordan (Essex).


UEA: Laura Cook -
UoS: Susan Hollinrake -
ARU: Sue Taplin - 
Essex: Stephen Jordan -
UoS: Heidi Dix -

University of Essex
Anglia Ruskin University
Universty of Suffolk

The South Coast

This group spans the south coast from Southampton linking with south Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth City, Southampton City, Boroughs of Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Both seminar events and conferences have been hosted. An additional base for group meetings is likely to be at Bournemouth University.

If you would like to know more about the current group activities or get involved in any way please contact Gillian Ruch or Michelle LeFerve (Sussex).

Southampton Solent university remains keen to support relationship based practice, and will nominate a person in 2016 to be the lead on campus, when staffing levels are back up to a better level.


Sussex: Gillian Ruch -
Sussex: Michelle Lefevre -

University of Sussex

The South West

This group spans Bristol, Bath, South East Wales and surrounding areas of north Hampshire and Gloucestershire and events are hosted in Bristol at the UWE. So far the group has held seminars and is developing the audience from across the region for these events.

If you would like to know more about the forthcoming events or contribute in any way, please contact either Caroline Hickman (Bath) or Celia Keeping (Bristol UWE).


Bath: Caroline Hickman -
Bristol UWE: Celia Keeping -

Bristol - University of the West of England

London and home counties

The Tavistock has previously hosted a programme of seminars, ‘Innovations in Social Work Practice’ which are being written up into a book series, and it is about to replicate this successful approach with an adult practice focus for a series of five seminars starting on 22nd October 2015

If you are interested in learning more about the London group or to contribute to its organisation or programme Clare Parkinson or Andrew Cooper would be very pleased to hear from you


Clare Parkinson -
Andrew Cooper -