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We are a leading UK charity that specifically promotes relationship based reflective practice. Social work engages with people often at the most difficult points in their lives, and, being concerned with the social work profession, we want to nurture the best conditions for truly effective social work support, the kind of support that service users want and need. We know that cuts and reductions in funding, changes to education and CPD requirements, and increased levels of poverty and disadvantage significantly challenge our profession. It can be really hard to find the space and time for stepping back to reflect on what is felt, and to utilise theory to better understand the situations our service users are facing, and that social work can feel like quite an isolated role. We see great value in bringing together a broad community of practitioners so that we can influence the kinds of changes that support ethical relationship development in social work.

Existing members

If you are a member already – thank you for your valuable support! We hope you will have already received an email from us explaining the AGM decision. We would really value being able to keep the remainder of your annual fee as this will help to reduce our administration costs and enable us to put your money to good use. Should you wish, we are also happy to refund your annual fee pro rata – please email Lian Vanstone admin@cfswp.org and she will arrange for a refund.

New members - what’s in it for you?

By joining us you will agree with our vision, mission, aims and values as described below, and will be an important part of our community. By joining us you will:

  • be given a unique membership number that you can share on your CV;
  • receive regular newsletters;
  • be the first to hear about our learning and dialogue events and those of our partners;
  • contribute your perspectives and ideas in a range of ways;
  • be invited to take part in activities and surveys that seek to better understand the contexts and conditions you’re working in;
  • have an open invitation to contact us for information and/or to share your ideas about how we can better promote relationship based practice as the foundation for all social work;
  • be able to apply to be a trustee or an officer, or to nominate trustees or officers;
  • be able to vote at the Annual General Meeting (please see our constitution for further information).

Social work does not operate in a silo so we want to bring all interested people together no matter what your professional or personal background, so long as you agree with our vision, mission, aims and values. We welcome people who use services, and students, professionals, educators and practitioners from social work, social care, health and education.

What your membership does for CfSWP:

Your membership provides credibility and purpose to the organisation - the more people involved the more impetus behind the call for more relationally based practice. We want to encourage a great diversity of professional voices to broaden the range and quality of professional feedback. As a collaborative organisation, participation from members is key to our development, we want and will actively seek your views about how we can best meet our aims