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Evaluations Show Reflective Relationship Based Practice Is Working

Evaluations Show Reflective Relationship Based Practice Is Working

Published September 01, 2017


We are delighted to share our evaluation of facilitated Reflective Practice Groups in Brighton and Hove City Council’s Families Children and Learning Services Evaluation of RPG Project, and also the University of Sussex’s wider Evaluation of Relationship Based Practice in Brighton & Hove entitled Empathy, Tenacity and Compassion

Brighton and Hove have embraced the notion that relationships are at the heart of social work practice, and continue to work hard on developing and supporting the kinds of environments for relationship based practice to thrive in individual practitioners, teams and the organisation. The University of Winchester evaluation of reflective practice groups in the first year, commissioned by CfSWP, indicates that when reflection is at the heart of relationship based practice, social workers and managers are more able to draw out the best in themselves and others. The University of Sussex evaluation, commissioned by Brighton & Hove CC, shows how experiences and outcomes for children and families have improved as a result of this focus, and how better conditions for practice have contributed to greater continuity, consistency sand collaboration.

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