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BASW 80-20 campaign: CfSWP invited to join working group

BASW 80-20 campaign: CfSWP invited to join working group

Published August 10, 2018


As our most recent post demonstrates CfSWP has had a long term commitment to the promotion, evaluation and delivery of reflective practice groups in the social care sector http://www.cfswp.org/noticeboard-post-03-07-2018-reflective-practice-groups-cfswp-looks-for-a-new-site-for-delivery.php

We were therefore very pleased to be invited to join the BASW 80-20 campaigns working group in order to provide our input and expertise on reflective practice. BASW’s 80-20 campaign which is provided in conjunction with the Children’s Commissioner’s Office is aimed at promoting relationship-based practice in children’s social services departments. It was based on research evidence that social workers report on average spending just 20% of their time in direct contact with children and families and the rest of their time on such things as bureaucratic, administrative or organisational tasks. The campaign is aimed at changing this balance towards practitioners spending much more time working directly with children and families. This includes promoting the reflective spaces required in order to facilitate this type of work.

To learn more about BASW’s 80-20 campaign please follow the links to BASW’s 80-20 campaign report BASW 80 20 Campaign August 18 and power point summary BASW 80 20 Campaign PPT August 18

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