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Olive Stevenson essay competition winning entry 'I want to move placement'

Published December 13, 2016


This prize-winning paper was written by Deborah as part of her recent post qualifying MA in Social Work and Emotional Wellbeing at the Tavistock. Students on this course take a module known as Work Discussion.

The Work Discussion entails participants presenting, in turn, an aspect of their current work role. Students may choose to bring a piece of work or project with which they are engaged, a dilemma to share, or some other aspect of their work role that could benefit from more thought.

Seminar participants do not need specialist knowledge about the work or context. The opportunity is for students and tutor to freely associate to the material presented. This is in the interests of achieving varied and deeper understanding of what it at stake for all concerned. Deborah’s paper is a beautiful illustration of the application of this particular method of reflective practice.

“I want to move placement” is © [Deborah Foote 2016]. 
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“I want to move placement” by Deborah Footes

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