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Finding ways to 'cross the divide' in Sheffield

Finding ways to 'cross the divide' in Sheffield

Published November 24, 2017


Presenters for Crossing the Divide: unlocking effective relationships were Robyn Kemp, (Director, CfSWP; introducing relationship based practice) Laura Able (CfSWP trustee and former SW service user: personal and positive experiences of adult social work ), Katie Siobhann (former SW service user: personal experiences of children’s social work and suggestions from families of what helps and hinders relationships) and Eva Sissa (adult social worker: self neglect and relationships)

All the presentations stimulated creativity (the image above is one participant’s interpretation of relationship based practice), and lively debates and reflections on how we can nurture relationship based practice within ourselves, our teams and organisations. Participants went away with a range of ideas about how they can develop effective relationships and will return in January to follow this up and develop practice further.

Thank you to all our presenters and to the active and engaged participation from those attending.

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