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Zero membership fee agreed to encourage more people to engage

Published May 31, 2017


It was good to see some of you at the CfSWP AGM on 19th May and hear the wonderfully engaging talk from Professor Gillian Ruch, on Anxiety, Austerity and Avoidance, using a very interesting approach drawing on images, poetry and encouraging deep reflection. As a group we then shared our thoughts in an open discussion, which highlighted how powerful the presentation had been. The presentation was captured on video which we will shortly upload to the website so that more of you have the opportunity to view it.

Written reports were presented by the Chair, Director and Treasurer focusing on last year’s activity and discussed in the meeting. Verbal feedback was provided from the Strategy and Development Committee.

Two important decisions were voted in at the CfSWP AGM:

  • a £0.00 (zero) membership fee was set for the coming year to increase the membership base and balance the cost of levying membership alongside administration costs. We hope that more people will be able to join us so that we have a stronger membership mandate on which to campaign and develop our work;
  • re election of Trustees.

Feedback was provided regarding a 2 year project in a local authority where CfSWP provided facilitated reflection for groups and more recently individuals as well. This project was supporting their implementation of relationship based practice across their children’s services. Following a dissemination and dialogue event on 13th July when the research CfSWP undertook will be shared, we will disseminate the learning on our website for others to see the potential and actual benefits of nurturing relationship based reflective practice systemically.

The Social Work Free University was also spoken about as an idea we hope to develop. By providing a wide range of offers on-line including papers, articles, presentations, reflections and webinars, we hope to really open up opportunities for engagement by a broader group of interested people. There will be details on the website in the forthcoming weeks, so keep an eye out for more details about how we will be moving forward in the coming months and years by visiting our website.

Do contact us with any ideas, questions and/or critiques you may have as it is only with you that we can truly make a difference robyn.kemp@cfswp.org, suzie.stephens@cfswp.org, or admin@cfswp.org

Thank you for all your support!

The CfSWP Team

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