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Evaluation of Reflective Practice Group Project: Brighton & Hove Children’s Services Preliminary Report

Posted June 20, 2017


Dr. Amanda Lees With Andrew Cooper – June 2017

We report here on the design, implementation, methodology and findings from a small scale mixed-methods evaluation of a Reflective Practice Groups project undertaken by the Centre for Social Work Practice for Brighton & Hove Children’s Services between November 2015 and December 2016. Three time-point quantitative data was gathered alongside a range of qualitative data from observations, interviews and focus groups. Numeric analysis and thematic analysis of qualitative data are presented, integrated and discussed. The report can be read in conjunction with the wider self- evaluation report of the broader Team Around the Relationship development undertaken by B&H, which was the context for the commissioning of the RPG project.

There are few systematic evaluations of Reflective Practice Groups in social work and there is reason to suppose that the current report makes a significant contribution to the evidence base for such practice. However, real world contexts for such practice are inevitably complex, shifting, and unique to specific organisational conditions. This does not invalidate the findings of the present report, but it does mean they should be read with this in mind. Such contextual considerations ideally call for a more complex ‘realist’ evaluation methodology than was possible in the case of this project. These considerations are discussed in Section 3.

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