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Taking care of your information Taking care of the information you provide to us is important. We are committed to protecting your personal information and privacy. This privacy policy sets out how we collect, use and store your personal information. Please read this policy carefully; by providing us with your personal information, you consent to the collection and use of any information you provide in accordance with this policy. This policy will be reviewed, and if necessary, updated on 25th May 2019.

Who we are The Centre for Social Work Practice (CfSWP) is a registered charity (Registered Charity no. 1151865). Our aim is to advance public education and promote research to foster and maintain the highest possible standards in reflective practice based social work. Our activities include providing conferences, seminars, workshops, and work based discussion groups to social workers and to those in related professions, and disseminating knowledge and best practice in research, books, papers and literature reviews.

How we collect information To achieve our aims, we may collect information about you in the following ways:

  • When you interact with us, for example when you attend / participate in events, conferences, seminars, workshops, and work based discussion groups.
  • When you visit our website we may gather general information, such as which pages you visit or how long you spend reading a particular page. This data helps us to improve our online experience, in particular to personalise the way our website is presented to you when you visit, for example by adding new f****eatures, or removing features that make the website difficult to use. We may also use the data and to help inform the choice of words and images that we use on the site, in order to improve visitors’ response to our campaigns.
  • Please see the “How we use cookies” section below to find out more about cookies. Depending on the type of device you’re using, your apps and settings may provide us with additional information about your device type and operating system.
  • We may sometimes use a third party to support our work; for more information about this please see the section below, “Who we share your information with”.

How we use your information We are committed to protecting personal information and making every effort to ensure that personal information is processed in a fair, open and transparent manner. We may also use your information where we have a legitimate interest in order to carry out activities, examples include:

  • To provide you with information you have requested, or that we feel would be of interest to you, and reasonably expected by you.
  • To provide updates on our activities and work.
  • To keep a record of your relationship with us.
  • To ask you to participate in surveys or research.
  • To carry out due diligence on potential or actual donors in accordance with our internal policies.
  • To analyse and improve our website.
  • To understand our supporters better.

Obtaining your consent We will ask for your consent before we use your information for certain purposes, such as sending you emails about our activities and events. So we can let you know the latest news about our activities and work we may contact you by direct mail, email or SMS, where you have agreed to be contacted in this way. You can change how you hear from us or chose to withdraw your consent to be contacted by us and/or insist that we delete all personal information that we hold for you by simply by contacting us at admin@cfswp.org at any time. Additionally, if you have any concerns about how we handle, store or delete your personal information, or if have any other concerns, you may complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) - see https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us/

Who we share your information with We may share your information with partners e.g. agents or service providers who undertake work on our behalf. These partners will only act in accordance with our instructions, and will not use your information for their own purposes. Additionally, we will ensure they comply with the UK’s law on data protection and to have systems and processes to protect the security of your information. We promise to always keep your details safe and we’ll never sell or swap your information with any other organisation.

How we use cookies Cookies are used to assist the work and research carried out by the CfSWP, and to help us improve services to you by, for example:

  • Remembering if you are logged in so you can move around our website without having to log in again on each page.
  • Measuring how many people are using each website page and for how long; this helps us to improve our website.
  • Enabling you to view content shared on other sites e.g. You Tube.

However, if you wished to restrict or block cookies set by the CfSWP website (or any other website) you can do so through your browser settings - the “Help” function on your browser should explain how.

Please note that restricting cookies could affect the functionality of the CfSWP website.

Any Queries If you have any queries regarding this policy, please contact us at admin@cfswp.org

Complaints Policy and Procedure

This policy and procedure applies to external service users, volunteers, members, customers and contractors.

Policy The Centre aims to provide high quality services which meet your needs and interact with you in a professional and appropriate manner at all times. We strive to achieve this all of the time; if, however, you feel we are sometimes not “getting it right” we encourage you to please let us know, so that we can investigate the matter and where appropriate make amends and avoid any further repetition of a mistake or poor service.

In order to ensure our services remain at a high and improving standard, we have a procedure through which you can let us know of any reason why you are / have not been satisfied with your dealings with our organisation.

The Centre will keep a record of all verbal and written complaints and the Trustees will be kept informed of the number, nature and resolution of complaints on a quarterly basis.


Informal Procedure If you are unhappy about any aspect of the Centre’s services, we encourage you to first speak to the relevant person to see if they can resolve the matter there and then to your satisfaction. We hope that most issues will be resolved in this way. However, if your complaint remains unresolved, or if you feel it is difficult or inappropriate to raise the matter in this way, then you may follow the formal procedure as set out below.

Formal Procedure

  1. Complaints should be sent to the Secretary, in writing or electronically, who will acknowledge receipt, normally within 7 days. Contact details are: Jenni Connell, at jen.connell@ntlworld.com or The Centre for Social Work Practice, Po Box 12127,Tollesbury, Maldon, CM9 8XS. If your complaint is about the Secretary, please submit your correspondence in writing or by email to the Chair, Kate Wilson at kate.wilson@nottingham.ac.uk or in writing to the Chair at the above address marked, “ Strictly Confidential – Addressee Only”

  2. The Secretary and one other Trustee will investigate the circumstances of your complaint, except where the complaint is against the Secretary, in which case another Trustee will be appointed. Our aim is to investigate your complaint properly and communicate the results of that investigation to you within 21 working days from the date of acknowledgement of your complaint (if this is not possible, a holding letter / email will be sent to you giving a revised time scale). Our communication to you will set out the outcome of the investigation and, where appropriate, explain how we intend to resolve the issue and avoid a recurrence of the problem / s leading up to the complaint.

  3. If, after we have responded you are not satisfied, you have the right to forward your complaint to the Chair, who will review the investigation into your complaint. Alternatively, if the complaint is against the Chair, another Trustee will be appointed to undertake a review. In some circumstances we may, at this stage of the formal procedure, invite you to a meeting to discuss the matter /s further.

  4. The outcome of the review will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity, normally within a further 10 working days. Where appropriate, the Centre shall give a written apology to you, normally signed by the Chairperson.

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