Centre for Social Work Practice

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University of Dundee

Regional Co-ordinator: Dr Richard Ingram
Richard is Associate Dean Internationalisation at Dundee University and Scottish Regional Coordinator for the CFSWP. Prior to embarking on his career as a lecturer in social work, Richard worked across a range of social work contexts including children and families, disabilities, educational social work and youth work. His key teaching areas are practice skills, relationship based practice, loss and reflective practice. He has published widely on the subject of emotions, reflective practice and relationship based practice. From the beginning of his time in social care work right through to the present day, Richard has maintained a strong belief that the best outcomes from practice and education come through the crucial relationships we form with others. These may be therapeutic or practical; fleeting or sustained; voluntary or compulsory in nature but are at the heart of what marks out the social work profession from others. Richard is supported in his regional coordinator role by Mark Smith, Professor of Social Work at Dundee University.

We remain ever grateful to Ruth Forbes from Edinburgh University who supported Richard before stepping down in autumn 2017.


Dundee: Richard Ingram - R.D.Ingram@dundee.ac.uk

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