How impact wrench different from a drill?

Two important tools that can greatly simplify your life are impact drivers and impact wrenches. It’s easy to assume that they are the same tool just by their names. They can do some similar jobs, but they are different tools that are designed to do fastening jobs differently.

You can read on to see how these power tools compare. An impact wrench produces high torque output with minimal effort. The rotating mass stores energy and delivers it to the shaft instantly to produce the high torque. Although compressed air is the most popular source of power for impact wrenches, read from here to broader your knowledge, there are also battery-operated cordless models. Impact wrenches can be used to tighten, remove, or modify bolts, screws and fasteners.

They are a common tool in the automotive industry. Most people will come across a pneumatic impact wrench when changing the tires on their car. A pneumatic impact wrench is what you will see if you are in a shop that repairs cars.
Other than changing the tires on cars, impact wrenches can also be used to assembly heavy equipment, automobile assembly, machine tool manufacturing, construction projects, etc.
An impact wrench can be used for home tasks such as fixing your bed or mounting a TV wall mount. This would be too much. For home-related tasks, impact drivers are more popular.

Make sure to set the speed or switch on your impact wrench and make sure that the socket is the right size. You can then pull the trigger. Both corded and uncorded electric impact drivers are readily available.
Impact drivers are not as powerful as impact wrenches but they can still drive large screws with relative ease. An impact driver has a hammer mechanism which generates a lot of forward pressure. This allows you to use the impact driver to loosen screws and nuts around your house that are difficult to remove with a standard screwdriver. Because it is so useful, my cordless impact driver gets a lot of use around the house.

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