Top Uses for an Android Mobile

Here are smart methods to set your previous Android cellphone or tablet computer to great use.

Got additional smartphones sitting around your workplace? How about pills? As we proceed numerous generations into mobile technologies, more and more people are building up collections of old, dated apparatus from the our work and our private lives. And more frequently than not, these devices do little more than just take up space and collect dust.

Top Uses for an Android Mobile

Here is a little trick, however: Your left handed Android gadgets are in reality virtual gold mines.


1.Unified Remote

With the ideal software and a few minutes of setup, your previous Android device can function as an on-demand control to your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

A program named Unified Remote along with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection are all you want to make the magic happen. The free version of the program provides you basic mouse and keyboard controller combined with technical remotes for media playback and power-related controls, while the complete $5 variant adds in program-specific remotes for demonstration control alongside other innovative capabilities.

Unified Remote offers basic mouse and keyboard control alongside an assortment of technical remotes.

Catch whichever version you would like and get the server-side applications on your pc — then chuck your previous apparatus to your desk drawer or computer bag and rest easy knowing it will be ready and waiting another time you want to go wireless.


  1. Turn it to a distant computer terminal

Need easy access to a home computer in the office — or even vice-versa? Your previous Android phone or tablet computer may be a splendid static screen for maintaining a distant system in arm’s reach.

The more recent version of Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app does not encourage Android, strangely enough, however a third party program named TeamViewer conveniently fills the emptiness. To begin with it, download and then install the right program on your desktop .

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When the program is set up, start it, and you need to see an entry code and password for distant sign-ins. All that is left is to set up the companion program on your own Android apparatus, tap in the very same credentials — and within a matter of moments, you ought to be staring in your desktop from the own Android device’s screen.

You are able to pull up an electronic keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon in the exact same place, meanwhile, and should you have to use the mouse, you can tap to clickon, tap and continue to resize, double-tap to drag and dropdrag and drag two hands to scroll. It is also possible to pinch to zoom any specific place.

TeamViewer is free for individual use (so make sure you pick the”personal/non-commercial usage” alternative during the program’s first installation, given that classification is logical for you). If you are using it in a commercial context, programs begin at $49 per month for a yearlong small business permit.


3. Remote


Even the junkiest older Android apparatus has ample capability to function as a clever remote for your house or workplace. That is a very helpful way for you and anybody else about to command your different smart devices and multimedia elements without having any particular accessibility (or your very own personal cellphone in hand).


Physical workspaces, property planning, and human assets all variable into handling a hybrid workforce


First, the easy part: Load your old cellphone or tablet with all the related programs for your smart-device installation — items such as Nest, Hue, and whatever else suitable for controlling your house or office technician.


Then consider adding some tools that will allow the device manage any sound and video programs in your town.


If your device has a built in IR blaster, it probably came with its very own built-in program which you could configure to work together with your entertainment installation.


Establish a full-fledged networking server with Plex, then use your old device as a committed remote to flow your very own regional content into a TV.


  1. Allow it to electricity scientific study


Here is a thing: The clunky old Android apparatus might actually help scientists search for extraterrestrial life, discover enemies, or enhance cancer therapies.


It is all a part of a set of programs which use your device’s computing capability to conduct scientific study. Some of the worthwhile options:


BOINC performs research in many different areas, such as physics, biomedicine, and astronomy (therefore the above aliens experimentation, which is really a research it is possible to choose to encourage ). BOINC has its very own Android program, incidentally, but it has developed a little rusty through time, and HTC’s execution (while also not actively maintained) is easier to use.


Its present projects aim to obtain insight into the cancer relates to an individual’s DNA profile, which then will allow for the development of specific and powerful cancer-fighting drugs.


If you reside in a region where earthquakes happen, leaving your device plugged in and onto a secure surface will offer the scientists with invaluable real-time information about any rotational action.


Every one the programs work in basically the exact same manner: After downloading and installing (and occasionally moving through a brief installation or sign-in process ), you just plug your device in and flip off its screen. Provided that it stays connected to a busy Wi-Fi system, researchers will have the ability to set its processing capability to use.


Programs like HTC Power To Offer left, and DreamLab, directly, can turn your tablet computer or telephone to a scientific study machine.


  1. Switch it into a freestanding security camera


Who requires a fancy-schmancy connected camera once you have got an older Android cellphone sitting around? With the assistance of a third-party program, the camera onto your own obsolete device can allow you to keep your eye on your house, workplace, or even top-secret crime lair from anyplace — and even execute complex functions like movie recording and motion detection.


  1. Reframe it as a fulltime video conferencing channel

Set up your previous Android apparatus with the program for your video-chatting system of choice — Skype, Hangouts Satisfy, Google Duo, or in any case may be — then dip it into a dock onto your desk or conference table.


Only think: With sufficient old mobiles and tablet computers, you may make an whole home – or office-wide video conferencing system. Sign each apparatus into its very own distinctive accounts, together with the title of this space as its own username, and visiting someone throughout the construction won’t ever be over a few quick taps off.


  1. Turn it in a kitchen control centre


Difficult to believe, but my early 2011 Motorola Xoom pill was clearly among the most used devices in my home until it eventually kicked the bucket a few six years to its life.


Just just how to create a kitchen control centre of your own? Easy: First, use a third party launcher such as Action Launcher or Nova Launcher to simplify your previous tablet’s house display and add in certain easy-to-perform gestures — such as double-tapping anyplace around the screen to start Android’s voice lookup purpose for on-the-fly info-gathering along with other hands-free controls. (newer devices might also encourage hands-free activation and a much wider assortment of controls through the Google Assistant.)


Secondly, populate the home display with the ideal programs for your objective. Netflix and other video-streaming providers will effectively turn your previous tablet to some cooking-time television. Recipe programs may also be helpful, as may cloud-connected note-taking solutions — such as Google Maintain, Evernote, or even OneNote — for rapid screening of private editing or recipes of always-synced family-shared shopping lists.


  1. Ensure it is a data-based expansion of your current phone support


Should you use Google Fi (previously called Project Fi) to your present phone’s wireless provider, make the most of a little-known bonus feature: the ability to acquire an additional SIM card that is linked to a account and equipped to supply data on another apparatus — with no superfluous fees.


All you have gotta do is arrange the card in the Google Fi site, pop it in an old telephone (or even a tabletcomputer, if you just happen to get one with a SIM slot) — and bam: This unit is immediately connected and online. You will pay just for whatever cellular data the system uses in any given month, in the exact same level rate related to your regular Fi program, so it is basically just an extension of your main phone.


That opens up lots of intriguing possibilities: You can use your old device as a ready-to-go backup phone in the event your normal one is missing, broken, or low on batteryyou can use it like a committed hotspot to beam mobile data access without emptying your main phone’s batteryor you may use it like an always-connected on-the-go background for your children (hello, airport video-streaming) without needing to pay for an excess field of service.


You may also use it to make and receive telephone calls — using either your normal telephone number or another number — if you get a bit creative with your believing.



  1. Make it your dwell window to the world


Do not have the best view in the desk? Let your previous Android phone or tablet computer be your window to crazy and fascinating locales.


Pull up any opinion you prefer, then tap on the icon to go full-screen and gaze the afternoon off. If you discover yourself craving any sort, you can think about upgrading from the program’s free set to some 175 live cameras to get a one-time 5 charge.


EarthCam enables you to gaze down Niagara Falls — or even a ton of other webcams around the planet — to get a break out of the mundane.


You may find a number of mobile-friendly live cameras on the internet too: Pull your device’s browser and also test the San Diego Zoo’s various animal cams — such as a penguin cam, koala camera and tiger camera, along with other exotic viewpoints — or even the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s broad underwater cams for much more”aww”-inducing alternatives.


10. Slideshow


Should you use Google Photos, simply open the program, tap any photograph in your primary library within a particular record and tap on the three-dot menu icon at the upper-right corner of this screen and choose”Slideshow.”

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11. Books


You may borrow books from the regional library: Check with your nearest branch for advice about how to perform it download the free OverDrive program, which can be used by a number of schools, libraries, and associations.


Make sure to disable alarms from Gmail and other noisy programs — hell, even change the device into plane mode as soon as you’ve downloaded the information you desire — and you have the equivalent of a committed e-reader with of the customary cellphone or tablet temptations.

You can also put in SD card as there are various benefits of SD cards.

  1. Switch it into a desk calendar


Dock your previous device in your desk and set it to function as your own calendar. Google’s own Calendar program can find the work done with lots of productivity-oriented components, or even the free DigiCal Calendar Agenda program will provide you a much more graphic and customizable interface that is perfectly appropriate to this goal.


DigiCal is totally free with an optional $5 update for additional themes and customization choices.


  1. Ensure it is a mounted control centre for Your Vehicle


Save yourself the bother of futzing around with your present phone in your vehicle by turning your previous apparatus into an always-available in-car control centre.


Locate an adequate automobile dock and mount the apparatus someplace secure. Then, either use your main phone for a hotspot to store it on line or go the economic route and get any essential music and instructions before you reach the street, as you’re still attached to Wi-Fi.


Catch the Android automobile app to get a simplified interface with large buttons and additional voice controls, and that is itYour recently repurposed companion is about to roll.

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